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Business Women Who Brunch: leadership, empowerment, educational, inspiring, platform, global, notably.

BWWB was brought into existence in 2012 and hosted it's first gathering October 2013 in downtown Fort Lauderdale FL by Avashayé. Owner of two global businesses House of Avashayé and Gidden's Mystery Shopper Company. Noticing how women is shaping the business industry, Avashayé wanted to find a way how to intertwine women, business, and food. Providing the opportunity to exchange advice, experiences, business cards, essential tools and even gain referrals. 

BWWB host different types of events providing our members and public the chance to showcase their businesses. Once a month we host our Sunday brunch. Throughout the year we put together festivals, mixer, and lend a hand within the community.  

"I live in an era of entrepreneurs." -Avashayé